Dask is developed by many people from many institutions. Some of these developers are academics who depend on academic citations to justify their efforts. Unfortunately, no single citation can do all of these developers (and the developers to come) sufficient justice. Instead, we choose to use a single blanket citation for all developers past and present.

To cite Dask in publications, please use the following:

Dask Development Team (2016). Dask: Library for dynamic task scheduling

A BibTeX entry for LaTeX users follows:

  title = {Dask: Library for dynamic task scheduling},
  author = {{Dask Development Team}},
  year = {2016},
  url = {},

The full author list is available using git (e.g. git shortlog -ns).

Papers about parts of Dask

Rocklin, Matthew. “Dask: Parallel Computation with Blocked algorithms and Task Scheduling.” (2015). PDF.

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