Dask Array implements a subset of the scipy.stats package.

Statistical Functions

You can calculate various measures of an array including skewness, kurtosis, and arbitrary moments.

>>> from dask.array import stats
>>> x = da.random.beta(1, 1, size=(1000,), chunks=10)
>>> k, s, m = [stats.kurtosis(x), stats.skew(x), stats.moment(x, 5)]
>>> dask.compute(k, s, m)
(1.7612340817172787, -0.064073498030693302, -0.00054523780628304799)

Statistical Tests

You can perform basic statistical tests on Dask arrays. Each of these tests return a dask.delayed wrapping one of the scipy namedtuple results.

>>> a = da.random.uniform(size=(50,), chunks=(25,))
>>> b = a + da.random.uniform(low=-0.15, high=0.15, size=(50,), chunks=(25,))
>>> result = stats.ttest_rel(a, b)
>>> result.compute()
Ttest_relResult(statistic=-1.5102104380013242, pvalue=0.13741197274874514)