dask.array.from_delayed(value, shape, dtype=None, meta=None, name=None)[source]

Create a dask array from a dask delayed value

This routine is useful for constructing dask arrays in an ad-hoc fashion using dask delayed, particularly when combined with stack and concatenate.

The dask array will consist of a single chunk.


>>> import dask
>>> import dask.array as da
>>> import numpy as np
>>> value = dask.delayed(np.ones)(5)
>>> array = da.from_delayed(value, (5,), dtype=float)
>>> array
dask.array<from-value, shape=(5,), dtype=float64, chunksize=(5,), chunktype=numpy.ndarray>
>>> array.compute()
array([1., 1., 1., 1., 1.])