Series.rename(index=None, inplace=_NoDefault.no_default, sorted_index=False)[source]

Alter Series index labels or name

Function / dict values must be unique (1-to-1). Labels not contained in a dict / Series will be left as-is. Extra labels listed don’t throw an error.

Alternatively, change Series.name with a scalar value.

indexscalar, hashable sequence, dict-like or callable, optional

If dict-like or callable, the transformation is applied to the index. Scalar or hashable sequence-like will alter the Series.name attribute.

inplaceboolean, default False

Whether to return a new Series or modify this one inplace.

sorted_indexbool, default False

If true, the output Series will have known divisions inferred from the input series and the transformation. Ignored for non-callable/dict-like index or when the input series has unknown divisions. Note that this may only be set to True if you know that the transformed index is monotonically increasing. Dask will check that transformed divisions are monotonic, but cannot check all the values between divisions, so incorrectly setting this can result in bugs.