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from __future__ import annotations

import functools
from import Iterable
from typing import TYPE_CHECKING

from dask.dataframe.dispatch import make_meta
from dask.dataframe.utils import check_meta
from dask.delayed import Delayed, delayed

from dask_expr._expr import PartitionsFiltered, _DelayedExpr
from dask_expr._util import _tokenize_deterministic
from import BlockwiseIO

    import distributed

class FromDelayed(PartitionsFiltered, BlockwiseIO):
    _parameters = ["meta", "user_divisions", "verify_meta", "_partitions", "prefix"]
    _defaults = {
        "meta": None,
        "_partitions": None,
        "user_divisions": None,
        "verify_meta": True,
        "prefix": None,

    def _name(self):
        if self.prefix is None:
            return super()._name
        return self.prefix + "-" + _tokenize_deterministic(*self.operands)

    def dependencies(self):
        return self.dfs

    def dfs(self):
        return self.operands[len(self._parameters) :]

    def _meta(self):
        if self.operand("meta") is not None:
            return self.operand("meta")

        return delayed(make_meta)(self.dfs[0]).compute()

    def _divisions(self):
        if self.operand("user_divisions") is not None:
            return self.operand("user_divisions")
            return (None,) * (len(self.dfs) + 1)

    def _filtered_task(self, index: int):
        key = self.dfs[index]._name
        if self.verify_meta:
            return (
                functools.partial(check_meta, meta=self._meta, funcname="from_delayed"),
                (key, 0),
            return identity, (key, 0)

def identity(x):
    return x

[docs]def from_delayed( dfs: Delayed | distributed.Future | Iterable[Delayed | distributed.Future], meta=None, divisions: tuple | None = None, prefix: str | None = None, verify_meta: bool = True, ): """Create Dask DataFrame from many Dask Delayed objects Parameters ---------- dfs : A ``dask.delayed.Delayed``, a ``distributed.Future``, or an iterable of either of these objects, e.g. returned by ``client.submit``. These comprise the individual partitions of the resulting dataframe. If a single object is provided (not an iterable), then the resulting dataframe will have only one partition. $META divisions : Partition boundaries along the index. For tuple, see If None, then won't use index information prefix : Prefix to prepend to the keys. verify_meta : If True check that the partitions have consistent metadata, defaults to True. """ if isinstance(dfs, Delayed) or hasattr(dfs, "key"): dfs = [dfs] if len(dfs) == 0: raise TypeError("Must supply at least one delayed object") if meta is None: meta = delayed(make_meta)(dfs[0]).compute() if divisions == "sorted": raise NotImplementedError( "divisions='sorted' not supported, please calculate the divisions " "yourself." ) elif divisions is not None: divs = list(divisions) if len(divs) != len(dfs) + 1: raise ValueError("divisions should be a tuple of len(dfs) + 1") dfs = [ delayed(df) if not isinstance(df, Delayed) and hasattr(df, "key") else df for df in dfs ] for item in dfs: if not isinstance(item, Delayed): raise TypeError("Expected Delayed object, got %s" % type(item).__name__) dfs = [_DelayedExpr(df) for df in dfs] from dask_expr._collection import new_collection return new_collection( FromDelayed(make_meta(meta), divisions, verify_meta, None, prefix, *dfs) )