dask.array.linalg.solve(a, b, sym_pos=None, assume_a='gen')[source]

Solve the equation a x = b for x. By default, use LU decomposition and forward / backward substitutions. When assume_a = "pos" use Cholesky decomposition.

a(M, M) array_like

A square matrix.

b(M,) or (M, N) array_like

Right-hand side matrix in a x = b.

sym_posbool, optional

Assume a is symmetric and positive definite. If True, use Cholesky decomposition.


sym_pos is deprecated and will be removed in a future version. Use assume_a = 'pos' instead.

assume_a{‘gen’, ‘pos’}, optional

Type of data matrix. It is used to choose the dedicated solver. Note that Dask does not support ‘her’ and ‘sym’ types.

Changed in version 2022.8.0: assume_a = 'pos' was previously defined as sym_pos = True.

x(M,) or (M, N) Array

Solution to the system a x = b. Shape of the return matches the shape of b.