DataFrame.sem(axis=None, skipna=True, ddof=1, split_every=False, numeric_only=None)

Return unbiased standard error of the mean over requested axis.

This docstring was copied from pandas.core.frame.DataFrame.sem.

Some inconsistencies with the Dask version may exist.

Normalized by N-1 by default. This can be changed using the ddof argument

axis{index (0), columns (1)}

For Series this parameter is unused and defaults to 0.

skipnabool, default True

Exclude NA/null values. If an entire row/column is NA, the result will be NA.

ddofint, default 1

Delta Degrees of Freedom. The divisor used in calculations is N - ddof, where N represents the number of elements.

numeric_onlybool, default False

Include only float, int, boolean columns. Not implemented for Series.

Series or DataFrame (if level specified)