dask.array.linspace(start, stop, num=50, endpoint=True, retstep=False, chunks='auto', dtype=None)[source]

Return num evenly spaced values over the closed interval [start, stop].


The starting value of the sequence.


The last value of the sequence.

numint, optional

Number of samples to include in the returned dask array, including the endpoints. Default is 50.

endpointbool, optional

If True, stop is the last sample. Otherwise, it is not included. Default is True.

retstepbool, optional

If True, return (samples, step), where step is the spacing between samples. Default is False.


The number of samples on each block. Note that the last block will have fewer samples if num % blocksize != 0

dtypedtype, optional

The type of the output array.

samplesdask array
stepfloat, optional

Only returned if retstep is True. Size of spacing between samples.